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The Adventure Before Dementia project was created from a dream about a home with a view on the water during camper family travel through National Parks in the United States.

Going down the Virgin River in the Zion Park, surrounded by the wonders of nature of North America, we decided to get to know and promote Polish, unknown tourist wonders and attractions. First we invite you to Elbląg to learn about Żuławy Loop.
You can start your adventure by visiting the city of Elbląg, with an open gallery of spatial forms, or you can go through the Jagiellonian Canal, built in 1483. Floating on rivers in Poland it’s fascinating how different impression makes the city seen from the water.

You’ll find a photoblog with interesting places from the region on our pages, please share your own observations with us as well.

Basing on our passions and experiences, we want to share our philosophy with people who are looking for quality and unobvious originality.

We meet unobvious needs. For open and interested people we offer life in the city center, like in Paris, London, Amsterdam, in the bosom of nature, sunset over the water from the bedroom windows, breakfast with birds, dinner with the city falling asleep outside the window ...

We help to see the unusual in seemingly ordinary places and we want to emphasize it. Mindfulness brings impressions that stay for a long time.

House on the water allows you to enjoy the closeness of nature - greenery and water in the city center, while reducing to a minimum the inconvenience of living on a boat.

You will find the answer to the need to spend time, inspired by our and soon your fascinations, interesting and unusual solutions.

The Adventure Before Dementia project is response to the need to stand out, an inspiration for creating your own stories and experiences.
Welcome to our Homes. Wish You beauty of the water and nature around.